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The ultimate bike fitting software, for the ultimate bike fit

Whether you're looking to truly dial in your ride, eliminate any numbness or remain comfortable over long periods of time, then look no further than the GURU Fit System™, operated by Hoops. Unlike other fit tools, the GURU Fit System™ is the only true fit system available today - creating a precision-based approach to bike fit that features one consistent fit methodology (F.I.S.T. fit protocol) paired to the ultimate fit tool (DFU™) that is outfitted with revolutionary software to deliver tailored results for all cyclists (road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon and recreation).

In addition, the GURU Fit System™ is the only system that allows you to optimize your riding position on numerous stock bikes in our Virtual Warehouse™ (Bike Finder™ module) - and also provides the ultimate in performance optimization with real-time motion capture analysis and Virtual Ride™ (Optimization™ module). There are many fit tools and protocols that can be found across the bike industry - but GURU delivers the only comprehensive system-driven approach to bike fit, providing you with the best possible cycling experience.

While the GURU Fit System™ may appear to be a space-age machine that is designed exclusively for cyclists of leg-shaving seriousness, the GURU Fit System™ is in fact the only fit system that offers comprehensive, precision-based fit modules for any cyclist. Other fit systems are designed solely to optimize riding positions for Road and Triathlon/Time Trial bikes - and the GURU Fit System™ is the only system that can deliver the most precise and detailed bike fit for Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Mountain and Recreation riders. So whether you're cruising on the boardwalk or charging down a steep trail, the GURU Fit System™ can anyone find the perfect bike to match your riding preferences.

GURU Bike Discovery provides bike fitters with software to convert a cyclist’s riding position into a complete bike solution – delivering a product recommendation with model, frame size and component selection to build the perfect bike. GURU Bike Discovery replaces manual calculations with an easy-to-use interface that generates fit results in seconds.

The ultimate software solution for bike fitting

Fitters who use a conventional fit bike can create an optimal bike to optimize a new or existing bike. GURU Bike Discovery converts XY coordinates taken from any fit bike into product data that can be easily transferred onto a bike, including positional measurements and component selection.

Fit data from any bike

GURU Bike Discovery provides fitters with the ability to take a cyclist’s pre-existing riding position to assist in finding a new bike. Fitters can enter fit coordinates from any bike to identify a new bike configuration that matches the original position – providing instant comparison between individual brands, models and more.

GURU Bike Discovery delivers complete bike solutions in the GURU Virtual Warehouse – the most comprehensive bike database in the industry. Featuring more than 100 brands and over 10,000 individual models, GURU Virtual Warehouse provides fitters with a wide variety of bike recommendations across cycling categories (road, mountain, cyclocross, recreation, triathlon).

The GURU fit report delivers a comprehensive overview of a client’s fit session – featuring essential fit data and bike specifications needed to set up a new bike or existing bike. The fit report also contains setup instructions to ensure that all measurements can be accurately replicated on any bike. All client data is stored on your system for easy access.

Fit level Cost
Bike Finder Fit £50.00
On the bike fit £80.00
Full Guru fit (road bike) £150.00
Full Guru fit (TT bike) £220.00